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Sensor Particles

Fluorescent dielectric microparticles for use as whispering-gallery-mode sensors. In comparison to conventional fluorescent microparticles as distributed by many vendors, our particles exhibit unrivaled stability of their optical modes (math1 < ± 0.01 nm).

Our standard: 10 µm diameter,polystyrene particles with negative surface charge, range of excitation 440-460 nm, emission range 490-520 nm

Other sizes, dyes, surface termination, and biofunctionalization on request.


Whispering-Gallery-Mode Sensor Systems

Our instruments facilitate whispering gallery mode excitation and detection in fluorescent microparticles with sizes from 3-15 microns and allow for position control of the particles. Optionally, it provides a microfluidic environment adapted to the respective application, incl. supply of all required media. On this basis, the sensors are capable of measuring forces, concentrations, particle adsorbates, and refractive indices in microscopic volumina, such as microfluidic devices and live cells.


Process Raman Systems

The high spectral resolution of our spectrographs of better than 1.5 cm-1 llows their application in the chemical analysis of materials by means of Raman microspectroscopy. Thereby, the utilization of fiber-coupled detector heads supersedes the need for elaborate and costly microscopy systems.

Due to their limited spectral range of about 1000 cm-1, our cost-effective systems are particularly well suited for applications in process and quality control, where the spectral range of interest is well known. Just tell us your application and we will see what we can do for you!


Fiber-optical Components

Our know-how in the field of fiber-coupler production for fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy enables us to provide you with custom-tailored fiber bundles also for other kinds of applications. We will be happy to come up with a solution based on your demands.


Optical Spectrographs

Our optical spectrographs for fluorescence and Raman analysis combine high spectral resolution with high optical throughput at a very reasonable and cost-effective level.

Specifications Spectrograph Model WGM01-2010:

Focal length: 200 mm
F-number: 1/4 (N.A. of 0.124)
Resolution: optical 1.5 cm-1 = 0.036 nm (0.012 nm/px.)
Spectral range: ~35 nm (depending on center position)

CCD controlled via USB 2.0
User-friendly and adaptable software based on Labview

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